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Any business gathering that didn’t happen over lunch was bound to be excruciating, and this one was no different. Not that the ones that happened over lunch weren’t excruciating, but at least there, Numbers usually had some plate of beef with vegetables to fill his mouth for an excuse when he was tired of pretending he cared.

There was nothing on the table between them now, though, save for a briefcase and a file folder full of photographs. Mr. Tripoli was talking as he sat at one end of it, and Numbers and Wrench were standing at the other end, and around it stood and sat various other syndicate men.

"No bodies," concluded Mr. Tripoli, which might have meant he didn’t want anyone killed, or might have meant he didn’t want anyone killed where someone could find them; Numbers interpreted it to mean that he should use his best judgment. He was oddly fond of the man, in no small part because he knew Mr. Tripoli knew the quality of work he did and respected him for that. A majority of the syndicate men were men who could do the job, but a few, like Numbers, were men who could get the job done. For all his grotesque, domineering habits, Mr. Tripoli knew the value of the difference.

Numbers reached down and flipped open the file folder. The girl in the grainy shot didn’t look a day over fifteen. Numbers would most certainly use his best judgment. “We have a time frame?”

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I have created a sideblog! Here is why:

1. I’m probably not going to be around this main blog, or even Tumblr, much anymore. (I did a big ol’ cull of my following list yesterday to make things that much more manageable, so please, if you got unfollowed, it’s nothing personal.) However, there are things I do that might be of general interest, and here is a good place to make that known.

2. Unlike my main blog, this sideblog can post things that show up in tags!

So there we go.

[original bullshit redacted]

Attention Tumblr! Do you know why people don’t take you seriously? Why this site and the people on it are a punchline to the rest of the internet?

It’s because of human garbage like this person.

It’s because of the people who lack the reading comprehension to understand that talking about something, even in an eroticized context, is not the same as endorsing it.

It’s because of the people who want to pat themselves on the back by showing off how socially aware they are by being the first to reblog any old thing that sounds bad, with maybe a congratulatory ‘well, if it’s true then maybe I’ll recant’ followup if someone starts raising questions.

It’s because of the people who go out of their way to ruin a person’s day, week, or life — from leaving anonymous hate to creating entire sockpuppet journals so they can say things from the shadows without consequence.

It’s because of the people who concern-troll and clutch their pearls and spew bile in the name of ‘awareness!’ without any clear goal, who don’t care what happens so long as something does and they can feel smug about having been a part of it.

It’s because of the people who set an agenda and refuse to hear any information to the contrary, to the point of claiming someone is disrespectful to abuse survivors while dismissing and shutting down actual abuse survivors who disagree.

It’s because of the people who minimize actual outings of harmful behavior in communities, made by people with concrete evidence and personal experience, by pulling Fox-News-level juxtapositions of material they don’t understand and hoping someone else will perform the research and analysis they’re too lazy to do.

I don’t know who this person is or why they seem to have it out for her. I wish they had some sort of discernible goal beyond ‘someone who wrote a thing I like also wrote a thing I don’t like and must therefore pay’, but it doesn’t really matter. They are, at this moment, obviously so convinced of their own righteousness that anything I say or do will just add to their self-congratulatory fire. If they’d like to come to talk to me, I’d love to have a civil conversation, but they don’t want to talk. If they did, they would’ve sent an ask or an email in the first place; after all, wasn’t the whole point that they had her Tumblr name? No, they want to feel superior to someone, anyone, even if they have to trade in innuendo to do it.

So I’m talking instead to those of you who aren’t too far up your own asses to hear me. Someday, someone will brag about this — or if not about this, about something like it. That is when you shut that immature, self-centered garbage down. Cut off that toxic shit as fast as you can, or it will spread and it will stain. And everything else you do will forever be tainted by association.

In short, I’m with singularnarrative's take: “There is something deeply disgusting and depressing about the creator of Tamika Flynn being driven off tumblr by people who DIDN’T DO THEIR FUCKING READING.”

Yeah, so I’m going to tap out of Tumblr for a while. You know where to find me if you need me.


Your tumblr gives me LIFE. Are there any other wrencher related blogs that you could recommend?


Awww thank! <3 I know that ladysisyphus, @relvetica, @hitmanhvsbands and the aforementioned vanballin write baller fic. And waltass, flying-shark-reactivate, seraph5, and @doublenegativemeansyes draw some wonderful stuff. Also also the-girl-with-the-owlhat and taplaos seem to be really rad people with excellent ideas. I’m sure I’m leaving out a bunch of people but if you check the Wrenchers tag you will most certainly strike gold.

Definitely check out the Fargo tag on Archive of our Own as well, because everybody who posts fic there kicks serious ass.

Aww, shucks! And my partner in crime can be found here!


Cap visits a school assembly and they have him lead the pledge of allegiance but "under God" wasn't added until he went under the ice so he doesn't know that part so he doesn't say it and the next day all the headlines say "CAPTAIN AMERICA FORGETS GOD" and FoxNews freaks out.






oh my god


Steve just looks at Sean Hannity calmly as asks if he knows who created the pledge?  (Hint the minister in question was a socialist, I believe

Glenn Beck devotes several whole episodes of his show to a conspiracy theory that Cap is actually an elaborate hoax on the part of the government, communists, and Nazis.

Jon Stewart plays news reels from the 40s showing Cap fighting actual Nazis.