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Pierce: Conservatives, You Can't Have Mandela


Our boyfriend CPP takes us to school on Reagan’s bloody foreign policy, and reminds us that American conservatives — many of whom supported apartheid — attempting to co-opt Mandela’s legacy are mankind’s official low-water mark.

If you follow my twitter, you read yesterday about how I picked up a box of AIDS. Less cryptically, I was gifted the collected papers and materials of a now-retired Episcopal priest, all of which are about HIV/AIDS and date from the ’80s. (His partner gave me the wrong materials on my first trip, too, which led to my sighing about how I had to drive back to Germantown and swap two bags of racism for my real box of AIDS.)

I also said I wouldn’t do an unboxing on account of how most people don’t find vintage AIDS information as exciting as I do — to say nothing of how it literally took me hours to do even just a rough comb through everything. But I did find some particularly glorious artifacts that I couldn’t get away with not sharing.

There’s some more stuff in here I’ll probably document and publish later, but there are also a whole lot of private letters and ghosts in here. They weigh a lot.


I realized there is like a whole generation that doesn’t know about this commercial.

It would never be made today, because a man drinking Diet Coke? What is he, GAY???? Better get some Dr Pepper Ballsweat Edition and tell those ladies to GO SCREW