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Maya Nakanishi

These images are from a fundraiser calendar she is doing to raise money for her trip to the 2012 London Paralympic Games, because unlike fully able-bodied athletes, para-athletes commonly have to pay their own expenses in their training and participation.

“A prosthetic limb is something beautiful, not something you should be embarrassed at being seen with,” said Nakanishi, whose prosthetic legs are made of red fabric and fabric with a rose print.

She also said that publishing a semi-nude calendar is also meant to bring more attention to the financial adversity fellow Paralympic athletes are facing.

“No matter how much disdain and bashing I will receive for the calendar, I want to pave the way for younger athletes to shine,” she said.

A limited 2,000 copies at 1200 yen (US$15) apiece are available. Visit Nakanishi’s website at for details.

This woman is as stunning as she is fierce.

I know I posted these pictures a few days ago, but this, Paul Harvey-style, is the rest of the story~