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oh my fucking god

so i’m reading this harry potter fic

and every now and then there are words like “arseented” and “marseaging” and “arseistance” and i was trying to figure out what the hell is going on

finally i got to the word “parse” and figured it out

they’re american so after they wrote it they did a find and replace to change every “ass” to “arse”

i can’t stop laughing omg

As penance for laughing at this I do my due diligence of humility, which is admitting to the time I decided a character should be called Professor and not Doctor halfway through the story, and this led to my submitting it unawares to the anthology editor with a reference to a man’s prize racing gelding being seen by the “horse-professor”

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Poet

"Nam Sibyllam quidem Hogwarti ego ipse oculis meis
vidi in turrem pendere, et cum illi pueri dicerent:
Σιβυλλα τι θελεις; respondebat illa: Θελω ενα ποτο.”

For Albus Dumbledore
il miglior mago

Sometimes I forget I did this.