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This was a “The Life of Clint and Phil” serie kinda thing.
I started this 14 months ago and then Avengers happened and Jossed all the things and I wept and abandoned it.
Then I went through my WIPs recently and saw this… and it felt like such a waste of an idea, so I took my three favorites and finished them quickly and here they are <3
It’s not perfect - by all means - and also super weird to finish something after so long, but I do hope you like it anyway eeeeee :)
(as usual, reblog is love, but please please don’t repost art in a new post/use without asking me. <3 )

Ahhh this is such a neat idea!



My brother sent me an email recently:

Apropos of nothing, but I had this thought and I think the internet needs this.  You might be able to make it happen.  Please find someone who can draw a picture of Thor and the Hulk riding a tandem bicycle made of adamantium.  Thor should look depressed, but the hulk should be ecstatic.  That is all. 

Followed by:

Also goes without saying, but Thor should be the one steering in the front.  Don’t ever let the hulk steer a bicycle.

And then:

The brand of the bicycle could also be LOGAN to make it extra dorky.

I told him I can make this happen. INTERNET, WHO CAN HELP ME MAKE THIS HAPPEN? With the exchange of moneys if need be!